St. Clare’s is a social justice landlord acting in solidarity with people who have experienced homelessness. Our engaged staff innovatively support their efforts to achieve stability by improving and expanding access to healthy, secure, safe, affordable and diverse housing communities and long term successful tenancies.

Aligned with the understanding that healthy communities and healthy tenancies reinforce one another, our tenants, staff and partners engage together in St. Clare’s “Community First” model. Together, we work in partnership to reduce homelessness in ways that are scalable, replicable and enduring.


St. Clare’s has developed a model that provides practical solutions to real problems. Details of our solutions are:

How To Move In:

SUBSIDIZED HOUSING: St. Clare’s does not directly accept applications for subsidized housing. To learn about how our subsidized apartments are allocated, press here.

MARKET RENT HOUSING: St. Clare’s does periodically open its waiting list for Average Market Rent housing in our mixed income building at 180 Sudbury Street. To find out if we are currently accepting applications to our Average Market Rent waiting list, call 416 927 1899.