St. Clare’s works in partnership with 17 agencies to assist homeless and hard to house individuals and families obtain and maintain stable, safe and affordable housing. St. Clare’s builds and manages our housing and relies on these agencies to refer their clients to live in our buildings and provide support to help residents maintain successful tenancies. Prospective renters for subsidized apartments must be referred through partners.

St. Clare’s enters into clearly defined reciprocal Referral Agreements with individual agencies that have a demonstrated record of providing high quality support to a specific needs demographic. The agency provides support and case management to the clients they place as tenants in St. Clare’s buildings. In this win-win relationship both St. Clare’s and our agencies work to create an environment with the greatest probability of a positive outcome for our tenants/clients.

Agencies are full contributing partners in the relationship. They participate in the creation of the operating policies and practices of the building management and the partnership and monthly meetings to discuss challenges and provide a coordinated response to tenants’ needs.

The relationship is evaluated in a confidential review meeting each year. Agencies are motivated to provide high quality support because apartments will be re-allocated in response to the Agencies’ ability to meet St. Clare’s support expectations throughout the year.


  • Tenant success;
  • Win-Win partnerships that work for agencies, property management and tenants;
  • Research data collected that demonstrates positive results.