Using our data collection and continuous evaluation, we have learned from our tenants and their referring agencies what does and does not work when maintaining successful tenancies. Generally speaking a proactive approach works best in most situations:

  • Strong intensive support and frequent referring agency check-ins for the first three months at the start of a tenancy does work.
  • Moving tenants into an apartment and leaving them on their own (ditch and run)
  • Early week move-ins allows tenants to acclimatize in a fully staffed environment.
  • Moving tenants in on Fridays is often a bad start to a tenancy and can have long term effects.
  • Informing agencies that a tenant is in arrears before they move in.


  • Informing referring agencies that a tenant is several months in arrears does not work
  • Overnight staff presence.
  • Leaving buildings unstaffed overnight.
  • Detailed reciprocal agreements between property management and referring agencies.
  • Leaving expectations undefined and unmonitored.
  • Mixed buildings are healthier non-stigmatized communities.
  • Giving any agency more than 10% of the tenants in the building does not work.
  • A partnership works if we are stronger together than we are alone.
  • Any partnership that is not a win/win relationship.