History of St.Clare’s

St. Clare’s was formed in 1998 by people who knew that the only way to end homelessness was to build affordable housing. Our buildings are located within a geographical area that enables us to closely supervise and implement the best property management and tenant support practises.

Recognized by TD Bank as being “… [the] model for the new approach to building social housing …” St. Clare’s is a private landlord that provides a significant contribution to the City of Toronto’s efforts to address homelessness. We do this without any government funding for our operations. We do this through thoughtful financial management, and using scarce resources efficiently.

  • Minimizing arrears, evictions and vacancy loss to benefit both efficient financial management and tenants
  • Build tenant capacity to maintain a landlord/tenant relationships
  • Optimize scarce resource through partnership with 17 community agencies, providing our tenants with support and, in some cases, housing subsidies to make the rent affordable;

Our innovative approach and vision in securing the property, financing, and resources has worked to build 177 units of ‘geared to income’ housing and facilitate collaborations with developers to build another 190 new units, committing to the creation of a mixed income community that offers affordable and adequate space for families and those in the shelter system.



Our commitment to quality design creates attractive buildings that tenants are proud to live in. The rooftop addition at 25 Leonard won a City of Toronto Design Award, and enclosing the balconies at 138 Pears has been recognized as an innovative example of Tower Renewal.

CMHC acknowledged the innovative nature of our housing by giving St. Clare’s an award for “Best Practices in Social Housing”. Bricks and mortar are only the start; what makes our housing unique is the communities the tenants create. Safe inclusive communities support successful tenancies. Successful tenancies provide our tenants with the stability they need to pursue other goals such as completing their education or re-entering the workforce.

Our Accolades include: